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Congratulations, you have finished your time at beauty school! You are now one step closer to being a mind-blowing professional cosmetologist!

You may now find yourself questioning, “What’s next?”

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Don’t stress, Beauty is here to provide you with all the information you need moving forward.

Start here to find information on getting your license. Look through the requirements for specific Cosmetology programs and go through the steps to sign up for the exam!

Obtain Your Cosmetology or Beauty License

Now that you have completed your course work at beauty school, the next step in your career is to obtain your cosmetology license. Once you are ready to begin your licensing process, be aware that different cosmetology programs and states may have different requirements, so be sure to check each one carefully.

second image for BSS licensing pageFor example, some states, like Alabama, may require that you have completed a certain number of apprenticeship hours before you are able to take the written exam. Other states, like Michigan, may also require that you perform a hair style in front of a board.

Along with the individual degree and state requirements research, you may also want to explore some test preparation to help further your understanding of the exam. You can take practice tests here ()

After you have completed your exam, you will then get your results which can take up to two weeks. If you passed your exam, then your license will be mailed to you. If you did not pass, you can then sign up for the next available test date.

Obtain Your Cosmetology or Beauty License

Research State Requirements
The Written Exam
Preparation for the Written Exam
Signing Up for the Exam
Waiting for the Results
Cosmetology Licensing Reciprocity

Licensing Requirements by Program

Below is a complete list of licensing requirements for individual beauty programs. Be sure to check them out for any questions and details you may need!

Barber Licensing
Cosmetology Licensing
Esthetician Licensing
Electrologist Licensing
Fashion Designer Licensing
Hair Braider Licensing
Hair Stylist Licensing
Makeup Artist Licensing
Massage Therapist Licensing
Nail Technician Licensing
Permanent Makeup Artist Licensing
Salon Manager Licensing

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